Shipping - Returns - Exchanges
Shipping-Returns-Exchange Info You Need To Know


1) Free shipping is available for orders of $139 or more...unless otherwise noted. And on some items that cost less, we provide free shipping-it will be noted on the individual product page for easy access.

2) Shipping rates are automatically calculated, however, whenever your order is processed and weighed, if we can save you money on shipping, we will automatically reduce the shipping charges prior to processing your payment. We will NEVER increase your shipping rates unless we ask you first.

3) We ship primarily using USPS (United State Postal Service) Priority Mail unless otherwise noted. We always compare different carriers (UPS, USPS, and FedEx) to determine the best price for YOU. We will pick the least expensive, but fastest method of delivery and reduce the total on your order if we can save you money. That means if you ordered using Priority Mail but it's small and light and can go First Class Mail, we may send it that way and save you money. That's just how we roll at OKIE DOG SUPPLY!

4) Priority Mail will get most items to their respective destinations within 2-3 days, based on USPS (United States Postal Service) guidelines. We require at least 1-2 days processing time, depending on the time of year. We will email you your tracking number and expected date of delivery. If you order on December 17, and we show a ship date of December 18, the USPS does not begin the 'count' on delivery until December 19, regardless of how early we get it to the Post Office on the 18th. Therefore, based on this math, an order that ships on December 18, doesn't start 'traveling' until December 19, so the 2-day expected delivery would be December 21 (2 days after December 19). Please keep in mind during busy times of the year, delays are possible due to weather (including weather at various sort facilities) and also due to the large volume of mail being processed at each stop from us to you.

Need it faster or want it guaranteed in 2-3 days? We are happy to accommodate if you are willing to pay the upcharges. We can give you an idea up-front on expedited or guaranteed delivery, then you can decide. For this type of service, please call us: 918.633.3519.

Due to an increased level of fraudulent orders, if we suspect the order is fraudulent - we will delay the order until we can verify the order details with the person providing payment. Additional measures may be required, such as providing an I.D. or signing for a package in person, and these additional measures will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If we cannot confirm the identity or information of the purchaser, the order will be cancelled at the discretion of OKIE DOG SUPPLY LLC.

How do I return an item?

We hope you never have to return an item, but, if you do, we are happy to be of assistance.

Since each case will be unique to the item purchased, it's hard for us to issue a 'general' return policy since we don't want to exclude anyone...or make the return policy 50 pages long. So, here are basics for all items, whether returning or exchanging:

Returns, Exchanges, Issues During Shipping or Delivery:

1) Will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must meet certain qualifications (not worn to the field, not chewed, not damaged), etc... If it's our mistake during packaging or processing, no worries-we will make it right at no expense to you. Call us: 918.633.3519.

All high dollar merchandise and certain medications are sent requiring a signature to help ensure safe, prompt and timely delivery. Once your package leaves the OKIE DOG SUPPLY / MULE HUNTING CLOTHES warehouse, we are no longer liable for it in transit as we entrust your package to the appropriate Carrier (UPS, USPS, FedEX, or other) to deliver it to you safely and promptly.

However, if your item arrives damaged, missing contents listed on your receipt, or not at all, KEEP YOUR BOX and please contact us within THREE business days of the expected delivery date so we can investigate immediately. Any damaged or lost packages will be subject to the claims process with the appropriate carrier (UPS, USPS, FedEx or other carrier). We insure packages only to the extent provided by the Carrier your package is shipped with.
If you are in an area prone to mis-delivered or mishandled packages, we strongly recommend you request that we insure your package for the full value, which will be at your expense. You may be required to answer Carrier questions, or go to your local Carrier (UPS, USPS, FedEx or other) in the event a claim should arise. After THREE business days, we cannot guarantee that a Carrier will accept the claim.

Packages missing item(s) will not be considered for replacement if we are not notified within THREE business days of the expected delivery date. You must have the box and be able to provide pictures in the event the box was damaged. If the box was damaged, then it becomes a Carrier claim, subject to information above.

2) Prior to returning any item, please call us first at 918.633.3519, since some items won't be eligible for a return or exchange, such as perishable items, medications, and other select items, if opened or used.

Returning an item to us is at your expense. If you are requesting a refund, we will refund the original purchase price of the product only, not to include shipping, and subject to the item not being opened or used. If the item(s) were shipped to you for FREE, the cost of that shipping will be deducted from the refund.

3) Eligible exchanges must include payment for return shipping back to you. To ship something back to you, please include a check or money order for $7.00, payable to OKIE DOG SUPPLY LLC. If the item you are exchanging for costs more, you will also need to include the difference for the price of the exchange. We'll let you know how much when you call us, 918.633.3519.

4) Electronics being returned are subject to a 10% restocking fee - approval is required first, so please call us at 918.633.3519. Returns on electronics are not accepted after 10 business days. Exchanges may be permitted for up to 14 business days after purchase, but it is determined on a case by case basis.

5) It is the sole discretion of OKIE DOG SUPPLY LLC whether an item is eligible for a return, exchange, replacement, and/or refund.

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