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Welcome to OKIE DOG SUPPLY! My name is Mike Franklin. OKIE DOG SUPPLY is located in Claremore, Oklahoma right on HWY 20, just outside of Owasso.

I started OKIE DOG SUPPLY after leaving my retail job of 22 years with a major big-box retailer. My wife has a lot of health issues and I needed to be closer to her. We have raised, trained, and professionally competed beagles for most of our marriage and opportunity knocked when a gentleman I've never met, far, far away from Oklahoma, decided to sell his coon hunting business. I loaded up my truck, picked up my cousin in Tennessee, and we drove and drove and drove. The man was so nice and knowledgeable and made me an offer I simply couldn't refuse! It was definitely a God-thing!

So, once arriving home, we stuffed the extra three rooms in the house with the supplies for coon-hunting, and started OKIE DOG SUPPLY. But, I realized something: coon dog collars were great for coon dogs. What about bird dogs and beagles who have smaller necks? So, we began to make collars and leads and experimenting with different types of materials. We were so tired of cheap products that only lasted a few months at best. Hunting dogs are tough...and they are tough on products! We began making things differently and thankfully, we have plenty of beagles to test the products on. We kept the good stuff, and tossed the bad ideas. And we are always listening to customers and their ideas and trying things.

That's why, at OKIE DOG SUPPLY, when you buy something, we want you to know it is quality. Every dog supplier uses the same types of materials, dayglo, beta, reflective collars. What makes the difference is the care and the grade of the material. At OKIE DOG SUPPLY, we use the highest grade of dayglo and beta material available. We round the insides of our collars and add extra rivets to make things hold tight. Our couplers are designed to lay flat at your side. Why? Because having a splayed out bunch of brass snaps at your side hangs up in your pockets and in branches and that's simply no fun. Our reflective strips are chemically bonded to our collars. And, because that's not enough, we even heat seal all edges on our collars, leads, and couplers. This keeps it from peeling and splitting. Do you need something special? Call us. We can probably make it from spiders to 9-dog couplers and more...we'll always give you our best at OKIE DOG SUPPLY.

Why do we put all this care into our products? Because we know that most people have more than one dog and it gets expensive buying collars every three months, so we wanted you to have something that makes sense, lasts, looks great, and actually fits a hunting dog. That's why we offer different sizes...not just a 'one-size-fits-all.' We are committed to providing you with quality products at an affordable price with superior customer service. If the product doesn't work, don't be surprised if we tell you that. We always want to share our experiences with you as we hope you share with us.

I could have never taken the steps to bring OKIE DOG SUPPLY to you without God leading me down a road, a great man who saw something in me to trust me with his business, and a wife who always supports me.

We believe in staying positively focused on our customers, community, and furthering the sport of hunting with dogs. We are sponsors and members of: the National Sporting Dog Association, Oklahoma Dog Hunters Association Founding Member, Houndsmen for Fallen Heroes, Hope for Heroes, Hope for the Warriors, Bayou State Rabbit Hunters Association, BBCHA (Bluetick coonhunters association), Tulsa Bird Dogs, UKC, AKC, ARHA/NKC, and various Club Federations and Associations. We support as many nationwide dog hunting clubs, police K9s, Search and Rescue K9s, our military and our youth as we can each year. As we grow, we give back more and more.

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If you hunt with a dog, choose OKIE DOG...we care about you and your hunting hounds! We always appreciate your business...and ideas. We are always here for you before, during, and after the sale. And, we are committed to bringing you as many USA made products as possible - you will see it marked on our website if it's Made in the USA. It's one way we honor the service and sacrifice of our military men and women.

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ATTN: Mike Franklin
19975 S 4084 Road
Claremore OK 74019

Phone: (918) 633-3519

Hours of Operation:

Monday: 7am - 5pm CST
Tuesday: 7am - 5pm CST
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 7am - 5pm CST
Friday: 7am - 5pm CST