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We have 2 Astro 320 with T 5 Bundles in stock now.
We have 2 TT 15 collars in stock now.
1 Alpha 100 TT 15 Bundle is IN STOCK! Get yours now!
T 5 collars are back-ordered. All Preorders are filled first.

The T 5 and TT 15 are cross-compatible between the Alpha 100 and Astro 320
Software update is required and is free at: Garmin Updater

Each new dog device features Glonass satellite for improved accuracy and communication.

The T 5 has a bright orange satellite receiver for easier visibility!

The TT 15 now features vibration as a new correction feature!
(Must be in 'Traditional' setting to use Vibration feature.)

Buy an Alpha 100/TT 15 Bundle and get a 1 year subscription to Birdseye satellite FREE!!

Want to learn more? Click below:
Garmin Alpha with TT 15
Garmin Astro 320 with T 5

If you need to update your system, click here to use Garmin Updater.
You should NOT use Garmin Express or
Garmin Updater.

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Delta Dog Device
Our Price: $119.99
EXP Receiver
Our Price: $130.00
Garmin Upland Beeper
Our Price: $119.00